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Rock With A Groove That You Will Feel
Jeff Crownover
Ken Civils
Bill Hunter
Don Osborn
Based out of Altoona
Contact email
814 935 5939

Flashpoint was created with one purpose in mind "PUT PEOPLE ON THE DANCE FLOOR". That is what we do.

Upcoming Shows
 Fri Sep. 29th, 2017   Newburg Fire Hall, Altoona,
 Sat Oct. 14th, 2017   Family Pizza, Altoona, Pa.
 Fri Nov. 3rd, 2017   Newburg Fire Hall, Altoona,
 Sat Nov. 25th, 2017   Glen Campbell American Legio
 Sat Dec. 9th, 2017   Newburg Fire Hall, Altoona,


Mostly eighties rock seasoned with a few classics.
Escape Club, Van Halen, Men at Work, Rick Springfield, Dire Straits, Santana, Bon Jovi, Steely Dan, etc.


Stay Tuned

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