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Ribbon Grass Acoustic Group
Ribbon Grass Acoustic Group
David Single - Vocals, Keys, Guitar, Bass
Terri Single - Vocals, Tambourine
Ruschelle Dillon - Vocals, Guitar, Lead Egg, Harp
Ed Dillon- Vocals, Bass
Based out of Johnstown
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This is a spin off of the ever popular long running band, Ribbon Grass. But, this is not your run of the mill acoustic act. We don't do a lot of songs you would normally hear acoustic. We like to mix it up and create a party atmosphere and we want you to dance, this isn't coffeehouse stuff. Dave and Terri are from Ribbon Grass. Ruschelle is formerly the lead singer for Kitty Whip and sang in Jimmy Sweatpants. Ed was formerly in The Axis Y and various other bands. No two shows are ever the same, check us out! We'll take requests, when the tip jar is full. Become a fan on Facebook,


Whatever we feel like playing on any given night.

Rolling Stones, Springsteen, Billy Joel, Prince, Sugarland, The Cranberries, Stevie Nicks, Neil Diamond, Amy Winehouse, Dave Matthews, Goo Goo Dolls, The Bangles, Joan Jett, Journey, Johnny Cash, The Clarks, Katrina and the Waves, and much, much more!

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