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Conner Gilbert
Year-round, solo acoustic artist.
Conner Gilbert - Guitar/Vocals
Based out of Altoona, PA
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Through hard work and a true love of music, Conner Gilbert has made a name for himself as a successful musician. Having played in several bands in the past, he is now focusing on honing his craft as a solo artist.


When playing cover songs, Conner enjoys performing music that he listens to himself, including songs from genres like classic rock, alternative, and even hip-hop.

As an original songwriter, Conner has worked to constantly improve and develop his methods to create new, self-written music. Through writing, home demos, and time spent in recording studios, he desires to create enjoyable music that he can share with listeners. Conner's songwriting reflects his biggest influences, which are rooted in the 1960s and 1990s.


The View From Within (2009) - Debut Album

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