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Even the Odds
Even the Odds
Scott Roberts (Rythym Guitar, Lead Vocals)
Kurt Weidlein (Lead Guitar, Vocals)
Jason Miller (Bass, Vocals)
Mike Hype (Drums, Vocals)
Sam Adams (Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Vocals).

We play the songs you love, the way WE remember them!

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Based out of Johnstown
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EtO is Scott Roberts, Kurt Weidlein, Jason Miller, Mike Hype, & Sam Adams playing covers from the 60s through today along with original songs. Originally billed as two guys with acoustic guitars, Scott & Kurt Acoustic has evolved since 2010. First adding Jason as a guest bass player in 2014, Scott & Kurt Acoustic became S&K+J. Searching for a more full sound, the trio invited Pittsburgh native and drummer Mike Hype to join the band in 2016. After experiencing a successful first few performances the acoustic group officially became Even the Odds, Rock & Roll. Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Sam Adams was introduced to the lineup in 2017. Even the Odds is continually adding songs to their catalog of covers and working out new original music.

We play the songs you love, the way WE remember them!

Upcoming Shows
 Sat Mar. 9th, 2019   Balance Restaurant, downtown
 Sat Mar. 16th, 2019   The Haven in Johnstown, PA
 Sat Mar. 23rd, 2019   The Boulevard Grill Johnstow
 Sat May. 4th, 2019   Ohio Street Lounge, Johnstow
 Fri Jun. 7th, 2019   Woodside, Johnstown, PA. Ou


Covers ranging from the 60s through today's pop music. Genres include classic rock, folk, 90s rock, reggae and a lot in between.


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