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Kimberly Dawn and Johann
Johnstown area based acoustic duo
Kimberly Dawn---Vocals
Johann---Guitar and vocals
Based out of Johnstown
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Johnstown area based acoustic duo playing a wide variety of music

Upcoming Shows
 Sat Mar. 23rd, 2024   Private Party----Johnstown,
 Sat Mar. 30th, 2024   Sunnehanna Country Club-----
 Fri Apr. 5th, 2024   Bavarian Hall----Altoona,PA
 Fri Apr. 12th, 2024   Trixies Pub----Johnstown,PA
 Fri Apr. 19th, 2024   Lilly American Legion----Lil
 Fri Apr. 26th, 2024   Newburg Fire Hall----Altoona
 Sat Apr. 27th, 2024   Windber Moose----Windber, PA
 Fri May. 10th, 2024   Bavarian Hall----Altoona,PA
 Sat May. 18th, 2024   Patriot RV Park Somerset, P
 Sat May. 25th, 2024   Patriot RV Park---Somerset,
 Sat Jun. 8th, 2024   Ramada Inn---Indiana, PA
 Sat Jun. 15th, 2024   Private 60th wedding anniver
 Sat Jun. 29th, 2024   Patriot RV Park-----Somerset
 Sat Jul. 13th, 2024   Patriot RV Park----Somerset,
 Sat Jul. 13th, 2024   Cresson Country Club----Cres
 Sat Jul. 20th, 2024   Huntingdon Moose----Huntingd
 Sat Aug. 17th, 2024   Private Perty at Skip's Farm
 Sat Aug. 17th, 2024   Newburg Fire Hall----Altoona
 Sat Aug. 24th, 2024   Trixies Pub----Johnstown,PA
 Sun Sep. 1st, 2024   Patriot RV Park----Somerset,
 Sat Sep. 28th, 2024   Ramada Inn----Indiana, PA
 Sat Oct. 5th, 2024   Newburg Fire Hall----Altoona
 Sat Oct. 19th, 2024   Trixies Pub----Johnstown, PA
 Sat Nov. 2nd, 2024   Ramada Inn----Indiana, PA
 Sat Nov. 23rd, 2024   Newburg Fire Hall----Altoona
 Sat Dec. 28th, 2024   Newburg Fire Hall----Altoona


Johnstown area based acoustic duo


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