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Mike - Lead Vocals
Kenny- Guitar, Vocals
Dave - Bass, Vocals
Chris - Drums, Vocals
Based out of Johnstown, PA
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Octane is an experienced band from Johnstown. Our goal is to provide a high energy, entertaining show from beginning to end. We will not dissapoint, as your first Octane show will not be your last!!

Upcoming Shows
 Sat Oct. 1st, 2022   Baconfest Cumberland, MD
 Sat Oct. 15th, 2022   Patton Eagles Patton, PA
 Sat Oct. 29th, 2022   Freight Station Johnstown
 Sat Nov. 12th, 2022   Woodside Johnstown, PA
 Sat Dec. 31st, 2022   Freight Station Johnstown,PA
 Sat Feb. 18th, 2023   Mel’s, Somerset, PA
 Sat Jul. 29th, 2023   Cambria County Fireman’s C
 Sat Aug. 12th, 2023   Tremont Bike Run
 Sat Nov. 18th, 2023   Mel’s Somerset, PA


We play all rock from 80's hair to today's rock, so come out and party with us, we promise you won't be disappointed! We are constantly adding new songs, so each Octane show is different from the next, you never know what you will hear!

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