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Pensive Fear
Progressive Metal - Sounds Like: Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Old Queensryche, And Malmsteen In One !
Tom Brown
New album: Code Name Anaconda, Order In The Strike is on hold at the moment. More info to come, just wanted to thank everyone for there support through the years.
Based out of The Mountains Of Pennsylvania - ( Altoona )
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Tom Brown's Studio Project PENSIVE FEAR

Back in 1996, I had a thought of recording a heavier cd at the time. at 1st it was titled: Scarifide which is my home studio, by the way. But anyway, I recorded the music and wrote the songs for the cd. But I was not happy with my vocals since I'm a guitarist "NOT" a singer. I ask a good friend Joel Stiles to sing on the cd. After a few sessions the cd was semi-complete, But instead of calling it the studio's name it should be called something close with the same kinda meaning? That's where Pensive Fear came from? From being scary to being very scary. But yet the cd didn't have a name yet, until we recorded the last song titled: FORBIDDEN ENTRY. That was it, enough said, the song turned out great minus the sound quality, since I just started recording on the computer and had to learn as I go. And everyone said I could never do it? Boy, they were wrong. And like I said, back then I didn't know to save all your work after you get a good track. So with that said, you can kinda figure I lost the masters. OPP'S, but I did the best I could to retry and put the cd out for sale anyway. That was the start of PENSIVE FEAR. Plus I had help from friends of mine on different songs Jason Shoenfelt, Brad Kensinger, Dan Way, Dave Ehredt, Justin Filer, Mark Davis. But all didn't make it on the cd but still very thankful for there help. And everyone that helped me along the way. I'm still very thankful for all the support and kindness I got and still receive.... Hopefully after all these years the project will be a LIVE BAND......Thank-You All !


Originals Songs:

Beyond The Limit
Fates Calling
Devoid Of Grace*
Forbidden Entry
Controlled Chaos
It's Rising
Unholy Power*
Unlock The Door
Welcome To Your Nightmare
The Second Coming
Temple In The Clouds
If I Had The Chance
In The Eyes Of A Child
The Awakening
Where The Answer Lies
The Anguish And Betrayal
Fools Day
The Lady In White
The Wrong Path
Echoes Of Yesterday
Behind Enemy Lines
A Desprite Price To Pay
Vengeance Of Fury
A Nightmare Of Sorrow
From Darkness To Light
A Dusty Dawn
Humanity Phased Out
Those Crushing Days
Who Are You
Beware Of Thee Unknown
Anger, Lies & Deciet

In The Studio Now Working On The Newest Album due out 2019 ! Can't wait to leak the 1st Song & Video. Coming Real Soon !



The Shred Factory - Guitar Instructional DVD

PENSIVE FEAR - The Awakening " PROMO " Video On youtube and myspace & facebook

Half Tempted - The Jeff Wallack Tribute Show, Paranoid

Crow In The Snow - Omnipresent, My Last Live Show with the band.


Solo Chop - Guitar Instructional Booklet

Upcoming Online Guitar Workshop on facebook and youtube!
Purchase Pensive Fear @

Also on: Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music, Fandalism, Soundcloud, Deezer, Itunes, Youtube, Etc. just search the net for PENSIVE FEAR YOU'LL FIND US.


ANACONDA - From These Walls We Battle
SOUN KILL - Soun Kill
PSYCHO - Psycho,Finger On The Trigger
STRICKLY WIKKID - Wizards & Witches Unreleased
STRICKLY WIKKID - Keeper Of The Flame
PENSIVE FEAR - Forbidden Entry
PENSIVE FEAR - Fears Of All Seasons
PENSIVE FEAR - Temple In The Clouds
PENSIVE FEAR - The Collection
HOURGLASS - In The Beginning Caprice Records guest Lead guitar on 2 songs 56 T-Bird & Making My Move
PENSIVE FEAR - Finding The Past
CROW IN THE SNOW - Snow Flurries, Blizzards And Carrion
PENSIVE FEAR - The Awakening 2017
ONSLAUGHT SIX - Guest Lead Guitar solo for Dehumanizer
PENSIVE FEAR - Code Name: Anaconda, Order In The Strike

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