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Sunset Strip
Re-live the 80's the right way. the Sunset way. SOCIAL!!!!
Scott Mulligan Lead vocals and screams
Scott "Lynch1" Sensebaugh lead guitar
Frankie "Big Daddy" Lyxxx Bass backing vocals and shouts
Dan Way Drums and Backing Vocals
Based out of Altoona, Northern Cambria
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In Los Angelos California there is a stretch of hollywood blvd. which runs from Hollywood to Beverly Hills that is called the sunset strip. It is here that all rock bands went to get their start in places like the Whiskey A-GO-GO and The Roxy. Bands like Motley Crue, LA Guns, Poison, and more paved the way for future rockers to live out their dreams, This is where it all began. Now there are 5 guys with the same drive and determination to make their dreams come true, just as our rock forefathers had. From the powerful lead vocals, to the screamin guitar, to the thunderous bass, to the awesome rythm of the drums, these guys are sure to "kick start your heart", have "nothing but a good time" and keep you "up all night". and what could they call themselves, Sunset Strip. These guys are seasoned musicians, and have paid their dues. This band is what the sunset strip is all about. From the look, to the music, to the sound. It's all about that era, and the people who lived it. So catch their next show and relive the 80's experience. The "SUNSET" Experience.


Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond
Heavens on fire - Kiss
Paradise City - Guns n Roses
Welcome to the jungle - Guns n Roses
I want a woman - Ratt
Hot Cherie - Hardline
All she wrote - Firehouse
Give it to me good - Trixter
Monkey bars - Coney Hatch
Sweet child of mine - Guns n Roses
Enter sandman - Metalica
Wild Side - Motley crue
Primal Scream - Motley crue
Looks That Kill - Motley crue
Nothin' but a good time - Poison
Talk dirty to me - Poison
Fallen angel - Poison
Every rose - Poison
You're in love - Ratt
Never enough - LAGuns
Blow my fuse - Kix
Long way to love - Britny Fox
Gypsy road - Cinderella
Breakin' the law - Judas Priest
Wasted years - Iron Maiden
Slide it in - White Snake
Metal health - Quiet Riot
lil' suzi - Tesla
Down on me - Jackyl
Night train - Guns n Roses
Lick it up - Kiss
Fire Woman - The Cult
We're not gonna take it - Twisted sister
Raise your hands - Bon Jovi
Smooth up in ya' - Bullet Boys
Bathroom Wall - Faster Pussycat
and more to come


we wanna thank all of the people who have supported us so far, and to our devoted fans who have pretty much made it to every show so far.

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